TypeScript Types for Productivity

There’s no shortage of articles on the web weighing the assumed overhead involved in using TypeScript and incorporating types in your development workflows. It’s one of the metrics in what’s often referred to as the “TypeScript Tax”. The more I’ve been using TypeScript, however, I’ve found that there are common cases where incorporating types can improve my productivity.

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TypeScript Tooling for Your JavaScript Projects

When evaluating TypeScript, it’s usually considered as an investment into the language itself. For this reason, and despite all its merits, some developers might be inclined to dismiss it altogether out of a lack of interest in learning a new syntax, or a worry to impose that requirement onto others as part of your onboarding workflow.

But even if you’re determined to use plain-ol’ JavaScript in your projects, it’s worth considering the tooling that TypeScript offers. I suspect that many developers would be surprised to find they can achieve the benefits of type safety without leaving the comfort of JavaScript.

There are many reasons why one should or shouldn’t adopt TypeScript into their workflows. This blog post isn’t concerned with convincing you one way or the other. Instead, I’ll focus on demonstrating how you can benefit from TypeScript tooling even if you choose not to adopt the language itself.

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